【Formaldehyde removal coat, Moldefeat】

Formaldehyde removal coating Moldefeat is developed with our own technology in Marusyosangyo Co.,Ltd in Japan.

This is the special coating fluid to be able to remove formaldehyde gas and other aldehyde class gas by treatment on the wall, ceiling and wooden furniture surface and inside.

In Japan, indoor formaldehyde gas level is regulated by Building Standards Act. In thus reason, generally building s and houses are applied the measure against formaldehyde and VOC gas before people start to live.

On the other hand, almost people don't care about formaldehyde gas level when they purchase new furniture or renovate the house or buildings. Therefore, you may inhale formaldehyde gas daily without even noticing and might be sick building syndrome in the end. So, you should really concern about formaldehyde after read this.

Formaldehyde removal coating Moldefeat is the best solution for sick building syndrome. Even if people don't have enough information about sick building syndrome, Moldefeat will give them new realization.

【Type of Products】

Model NumberWhere to use/ applyFunctions and Applications
S-3TFor on-site application to homes/offices, etc.
(contains resin)
Unpainted surfaces, painted surfaces,
and indoors in general
S-3TNRFor on-site application to homes/offices, etc.
High transparency, unpainted surfaces,
painted surfaces, general indoor use
S-3Tx1 (x = Country code name)For factory processing
(high concentration, contains resin)
Wallpaper, furniture, various wood products,
building materials
S-3TGXFor factory processing
(high concentration, no resin used)
Wood chips, plywood, MDF, various wood products,
and wooden panels

【Product Feature】

Moldefeat has the great product feature by a very unique technology.

High removal effect
Eliminate high level formaldehyde gas very quickly and keep up the safety level.
Safe product
Executed safety check at the laboratory institution and confirmed no toxic elution.
Long-lasting effect
High removal performance lasts for a long-term at the noraml room.
World business partner-more than 13 countries. (KOREA, CHINA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDIA, USA, ITALY etc.)

Comparative table】

ItemMOLDEFEATAnother aldehyde removerNatural aldehyde removerPhotocatalyst
MechanismAbsorption of functional groupOrganic acid neutralization effectAbsorption/Neutralization effectOxidative decomposition by active oxygen
DeteriorationAlmost noneHydrolytic degradationHydrolytic
Almost none
Effect speedFastFastFastSlow
Lasting efficacy3-5years1-2years1-2months2-3years
DiscolorationNoneChange colorChange colorNone

【Formaldehyde gas removal performance】

Moldefeat removes formaldehyde gas that can be found indoor very quickly.
As can be seen, the great performance was proven by the laboratory as below.


【Maximum removal performance】

We confirmed maximum removal amount of formaldehyde gas by repeated test. According to this test result, we create our original calculation formula to derive the appropriate usage amount for any target locations.

Lasting durability understanding