Moldefeat has two ways of coating application as below.

1: On-site coating

On site coating, please use spray gun (air, automatic) or roller.

2: Factory coating

The benefit of factory coating is to be able to apply Moldefeat on the various material surface. Regardless of the hardness and the materials, the factory coating is available to us by selecting proper application way.

Coating machine
Method:Roll coater, Air blade coater
Material:Wallpaper, Flexible materials (Sheet type is the best)
Ex: Blade coater
Spraying machine
Method:Spray coater, Flow coater
Material:Hard materials (Ex: Plywood, Particle board etc.)
スプレー処理Ex: Spray coater

【Application Location】

House, Office, Complex building, Hotel, Condominium, Nursing home, Hospital, Office, Furniture etc.