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In February 2006. We succeeded to develop a formaldehyde removal coating-"Moldefeat".
Our first customer had been struggling of sick building syndrome and ill health because of formaldehyde emissions gas indoor for a long term, and Moldefeat was the perfect solution for them.

We continue to provide "Moldefeat" worldwide and strive to protect against health damage by formaldehyde emission.

Fast and Greatest Formaldehyde removal effect

There are lots of formaldehyde removal products in the world. However, most products don't show enough effect at the point of a long-lasting effect and quick effect.

Moldefeat, a formaldehyde removal coating, has successfully overcome the technical challenges of achieving both immediate effectiveness and long-term efficacy through its proprietary technological innovation.

No more formaldehyde

Just one technology from Japan

Why choose Moldefeat?

The greatest feature of Moldefeat is its own technological structure.

The actual component that removes the pervasive formaldehyde indoors is a substance called "Silica."

At first glance, Moldefeat may appear to be just a liquid. However, when you magnify the applied surface, the silica component takes the form that is similar to extremely fine crystalline needles.

Furthermore, these fine crystalline needles cover very dense all over the coated surface.

The secret of Moldefeat

Can you imagine how many silicas form with just one spray???
The answer is・・・

400 million acicula / c㎡

Each individual silica component is tightly and thoroughly adsorbed with formaldehyde.

This technology is the reason why formaldehyde is instantly and effectively removed.

Only Moldefeat can create this structural technology.

Image photos: Expanding coated surface.
Image photos: Expanding coated surface.
Image: Technical structure


"Moldefeat" has been confirmed its safety through toxicity testing. We have also verified the absence of toxic substances through analysis at the Japan Food Research Laboratory.

Moldefeat has successfully passed rigorous quality and product evaluations conducted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and was registered with UNIDO's "STePP" * in September 2022 as a testament to its excellence products.

*STePP : It is stands for "Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform", serve as a platform for promoting various outstanding Japanese technologies to support sustainable industrial development in developing and emerging countries.

Remove Formaldehyde from any products or locations.

Plywood manufacturer

You can directly apply Moldefeat to indoor walls, furniture, or implement it to the plywood manufacturers or wooden furniture manufacturers at the production processing.

We are the trusted partner for formaldehyde countermeasures!

"Moldefeat" was born after the long period of research and development.

"Get your Health back!!" - We would like to provide the normal life, and health to people all over the world through Moldefeat. Please feel free to contact us, first!