In this content, you can learn our own formaldehyde removal technology and see how it works.

Unique technology① Component structure

Firstly, the biggest unique technology is the main component structure.
Main component of Moldefeat is " Silica". However, it is not just a Silica.
It is produced by combining the substance that contains the special amino group and silica precursor by our own method.

formaldehyde removal technology

This is the enlarged drawing of Silica. The entire silica surface (SiO2) is treated with amino groups (NH2) using our unique technology.

With this main structure, aldehyde groups can be adsorbed to silica. This makes it possible to inactivate formaldehyde in the air and remove it strongly.

Unique technology② Adsorption structure

Secondary, Moldefeat has the very unique adsorption structure.

Moldefeat can adsorb massive of formaldehyde at just once coating application.
Why is that?

Please see the following far-right photos. It is an enlarged photo of the coated surface by Moldefeat. You can see that long and thin microcrystals like needles cover the coated surface evenly.

formaldehyde removal liquid coated surface

The number of these crystalline needles creates 400 million per square centimeter!

Since it is generated without gaps on the surface, the specific surface area is about 20 times that of the flat state. Therefore, it enables the adsorption of a large quantity of formaldehyde at once.

unique formaldehyde removal technology